The Secretariat's Competence Centres

The work of the Competition Commission Secretariat is supported by its Competence Centres in the fields of law, economics, the internal market, international affairs and communications. The Competence Centres for Law and Economics advise the Secretariat's divisions on the cases they are dealing with. The Competence Centres for Internal Markets, International Affairs and Communications also advise to persons outside COMCO. Each employee of the Secretariat belongs to at least one competence centre.

Law and Economics

The Competence Centres for Law and Economics are responsible for providing advice and training and conducting research. In their advisory capacity, they answer economic and legal questions. At the same time, they draft internal working papers, directives, checklists etc. in order to guarantee consistency in the decision-making process. The competence centres also offer internal seminars for staff and monitor the practical and theoretical developments in competition law and competition policy.

Head of the Competence Center for Law: Dr. Beat Zirlick

Head of the Competence Center for Economics: Dr. Niklaus Wallimann


Internal Market

The Competence Centre for the Internal Market deals with the enforcement of the Internal Market Act by cantons and communes. It advises Swiss authorities and private individuals on issues arising from the Act, prepares the Competition Commission's recommendations and opinions on the internal market, carries out related investigations on behalf of the Competition Commission and monitors decisions and legal developments in areas relevant to the internal market. In addition, it represents the Competition Commission in the Federal Procurement Commission. 

Head of the Competence Centre:
Stefan Renfer

Officials in charge:
Ines Boschetti

International Affairs

The Competence Centre for International Affairs deals primarily with international issues that arise in the course of the Secretariat's work while applying and enforcing the Cartel Act. It compares the law of the different countries and observes international developments in order to assist the various divisions in interpreting the Cartel Act. It also supports COMCO in enforcing the Cartel Act in transnational cases. To fulfil its tasks, it maintains close contacts with foreign competition authorities and participates actively in international organizations.

The Executive Management heads the Competence Centre for International Affairs.


The Competence Centre for Communications aims to guarantee open and transparent communication between the competition authorities and those they deal with. It is responsible for the journalistic and technical aspects of media communications (press releases, website, press conferences, media contacts). In addition, the Competence Centre for Communications is in charge of editing and distributing the journal "Law and Policy of Competition" (RPW) as well as the COMCO annual report. It also regularly supplies a press report for internal use.

Head of the Competence Centre: Frank Stüssi


The Competence Centre Investigations is responsible for all matters concerning the investigations of the Secretariat in particular house searches. The Competence Centre compiles the necessary papers and forms to harmonise the investigations and carry them out according to regulations. Additionally, it supports the different markets in their investigation preparation and its execution. Furthermore, it is responsible for the training of the staff-members of the Secretariat. In order to accomplish their duties, the Competence Centre is in touch with national and international authorities which are specialised in investigations.

Head of Investigations: Dr. Simon Bangerter