Infrastructure Division

The Infrastructure Division deals mainly with the markets that provide the infrastructure and services needed for an efficient economy. These markets include telecommunications, postal services, transport (air transportation and rail traffic) and energy (particularly gas and electricity market). A common factor in most of these markets is that they are strictly regulated and that the government is either the owner of or a major stakeholder in their enterprises. However, infrastructure markets are being deregulated or liberalized, and the market situation is changing rapidly.

The Infrastructure Division has also made the media a priority. Digitization, the convergence of the telecommunication markets and the occurring restructuring and concentration in the Swiss media industry constantly raise new issues. The competition authorities avoid judging cases according to political or journalistic criteria, basing their decisions solely on competition criteria.

The intervention of the Division in the infrastructure markets focuses on the abuse of market-dominating companies and merger controls. In the light of the strict regulation of the infrastructure markets, another main subject of the Division is advocacy. To fulfill this task the Division participate in the legislative procedure and ensure a pro-competitive regulation.

Head of Division:
Carole Söhner-Bührer

Dr. Alain Egli
Christophe Moser
Dr. Daniel Müller
Dr. Marc-Frédéric Schäfer
Claudia Schwander-Zulauf
Claudia Siebert Sutter
André Spielmann
Adrian Spühler
Dan Streit
Dr. Philipp Wegelin