Executive management

Patrik Ducrey

Born on 16 July 1963, a citizen of Alterswil/FR and now living in Wünnewil/FR, Patrik Ducrey studied law at the University of Fribourg, graduating (Dr. iur.) in 1991with a dissertation on cartel law. He qualified as an attorney in Zurich in 1994, and before joining the Secretariat, he worked as attorney in a Zurich law firm specialising in commercial law, and as an advisor to a trade association. Since 1 April 1997, he has been Vice- Director and since 1998 Deputy Director of the Secretariat. He has frequently been published on issues of competition law and is co-editor and author of a commentary on the Federal Cartel Act.

Olivier Schaller
Vice-Director, Services

Born on 10 January 1966, a citizen of Wünnewil/FR, Olivier Schaller studied Law at the Universities of Fribourg (Dr.iur.), Freiburg-im-Breisgau (LL.M.) and San Diego (CA/USA). He worked as a senior research officer in the COMCO Secretariat and then as head of the Market Control Section at the Money Laundering Control Authority (Bern). Since 1 February 2003, he has been Vice-Director of the Secretariat of the COMCO.

Carole Söhner-Bührer
Vice-Director, Infrastructure

Born on 14 June 1970, a citizen of Thayngen and Schaffhausen (SH), Carole Söhner-Bührer studied law at the University of Bern, qualifying as an attorney in 1996. She worked as an associate in a Bern law firm before joining the Competition Commission. On 1 March 2009, she was appointed Vice-Director of the Competition Commission.

Frank Stüssi
Vice-Director, Construction

Born on 7 August 1971, a citizen of Glarus Nord (GL) now living in Wohlen (Bern), Frank Stüssi is a graduate of the University of Bern (economics, social psychology and general ecology). Frank joined the Secretariat on 1 September 1999. He was formerly an economist, Senior Economist and Head of Management Affairs in the Secretariat. He has been Vice-Director of the Secretariat since 1 September 2012.

René Brunner
Head of Resources & Logistics

Born on 3 June 1974, a citizen of Laupersdorf (SO) now living in Burgdorf (BE), in 2001 René Brunner acquired the Certificate of Competence in human resources at FEUSI educational centre Bern. Before he was joining the Secretariat of the COMCO, he worked as a part-project manager in the division HR, Finances and Buildings for the project New Federal Courts (Swiss Federal Criminal Court and Swiss Federal Administrative Court). Afterwards he was deputy personnel manager at the Swiss Federal Office for Civil Protection FOCP.
Since 1 April 2016 he has been head of Resources & Logistics of the Secretariat of the COMCO.