Construction Division

The Construction Division investigates potential restraints of competition in the construction and procurement industries and in relation to environmental matters.

Within its remit, the major focus lies on the construction of buildings, civil engineering, construction of roads and motorways, and specialized construction activities. The Division deals with building materials as well as building completion and finishing, including electrical installations, joinery, painting and plumbing. Most investigations within the construction industry concern alleged cartels.

The Construction Division is also concerned with economic and legal questions in the fields of public procurement and submissions. It advocates a pro-competitive regulatory framework particularly in connection with the Federal Act on Public Procurement.

Finally, the Division's remit extends to environmental issues.


Head of Division:
Frank Stüssi

Dr. Jürg Bickel
Dr. Christoph Brunner
Daniela Hügli
Dr. David Imhof
Rahel Imoberdorf
Dr. Bendicht Lüthi
Dr. Benedikt Maciosek 
Simon Odermatt
Daniela Saner
Matteo Tavian
Bianca Vescovi

Waste Disposal