The Competition Commission is supported by a full-time Secretariat. It investigates suspected cartels, preparing case files, which are then submitted to the Competition Commission for a decision to be taken. The institutional separation between the Secretariat, which conducts the investigations, and the Competition Commission, which takes the decisions, ensures quick results that enjoy widespread support.

The Cartel Act also gives the Secretariat advisory duties: the Secretariat regards itself as an institution providing a service, and gives legal advice to businesses and public administrations on competition matters. In addition, it monitors the various markets and keeps up to date with international developments on competition policy. The Secretariat is constantly in contact with businesses and other authorities.

Professionals in the service of competition

More than 70 employees with a wealth of expertise in economic and legal matters work in the Secretariat. They guarantee quick and efficient procedures. Thanks to its competence and its organization, the Secretariat is well prepared to handle the challenge of managing a modern public institution.

The Secretariat is divided into four divisions, each responsible for specific markets : Product Markets, Services, Infrastructure and Construction. In addition, the Resources Division is responsible for administrative and technical tasks within the Secretariat.

The Secretariat is headed by its Executive Board, made up of a Director and four Vice-Directors.

A philosophy

The Secretariat is guided by the credo of efficient competition, which is the main goal of the Cartel Act. It strives to promote economic efficiency in order to increase prosperity for all, and applies the law in a strict but fair way. Active, open and transparent communication, together with a dynamic, innovative and critical work attitude are essential qualities of a Secretariat that aims to be a competence centre as well as the preferred contact for businesses and public authorities.