Service Division

The Services Division (D) deals with restraints of competition in the banking and insurance sectors, the medical services market, liberal professions and industrial services. It is also responsible for the markets in the sectors for education, culture, leisure and sports together with the tourism and hotel industry.

Head of Division:
Dr. Olivier Schaller

Dr Simon Bangerter
Franck Charlet
Alex Christen
Aranya Di Francesco
Stefano Dozio
Bettina Hofer
Franca Holzm├╝ller
Philippe Jolliet
Patrick Kaeser
Jelena Majstorovi─ç
Silvan Meier
Dr Daniel Schiess 

Banks and Private Insurances
Stock Exchange, Clearing & Settlement
Investment Activities
Payment Operations and IT-Platforms
Health Care Markets
Social Insurances
Drugs and Medical Devices
Liberal Professions and Industrial Services
Tourism & Hotel Industry