Chamber for Part-Rulings

At the Secretariat’s request, the Chamber for Part-Rulings concludes an investigation against some of the parties to a case by issuing a part-ruling, while the investigation against the other the parties continues. The Chamber decides in a part-ruling on whether to discontinue the proceedings or to approve an amicable settlement (Art. 19 ComCo Regulations).

Members: Danièle Wüthrich-Meyer (President)

Chamber for Company Mergers

At the Secretariat’s request, the Chamber for Company Mergers considers whether the investigation of a merger plan is required. If appropriate, it instigates an investigation and decides in a preliminary examination whether to authorise the early implementation of a merger (Art. 20 ComCo Regulations).

Members: Dr. Laura Melusine Baudenbacher (President), Prof. Dr. Igor Letina, Danièle Wüthrich-Meyer

Last modification 20.12.2023

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