COMCO Secretariat investigates the labour market in the banking sector

Bern, 05.12.2022 - A large number of banks in the German-speaking part of Switzerland regularly exchange information about the salaries of certain categories of employees. As this behaviour could be problematic under the Cartel Act, a preliminary investigation has been initiated.

The Secretariat of the Competition Commission (COMCO) has opened a preliminary investigation against 34 banks in six regions of German-speaking Switzerland. The purpose of the procedure is to examine whether there are indications that the exchange of information on the salaries of certain categories of employees amounts to illegal agreements within the meaning of antitrust law. If necessary, the procedure can be extended to other geographical regions and companies.

The labour market is becoming increasingly important for competition authorities worldwide. In Switzerland, the COMCO Secretariat is for the first time analysing possible labour market agreements that may fall within the scope of the Cartel Act as they are not the result of negotiations between social partners.

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