COMCO Secretariat agrees with Apple about a TWINT-friendly solution

Bern, 18.12.2018 - The automatic launch of Apple Pay at POS terminals can interfere with payments made by the TWINT application. Following the intervention of the COMCO Secretariat, Apple is committed to offering a pro-competitive technical solution.

Apple offers with Apple Pay a mobile payment solution for its devices, in particular the iPhone and Apple Watch. Apple devices and their apps are set to launch Apple Pay automatically when held close to a POS terminal to allow a contactless payment.

Payments with the TWINT application are effectuated by scanning a QR-code that appears on the screen of the POS terminal. Until now, Apple Pay was likely to launch automatically and thus disrupt a current payment transaction made with the TWINT App.

Apple has committed to immediately provide a technical solution enabling TWINT to suppress Apple Pay during the payment transaction effectuated with TWINT. Due to these commit-ments, the secretariat decided to close the preliminary investigation against Apple.

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