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Form for the Notification of a Merger of Undertakings
This form specifies the information that must be provided when filing notification of a merger under Article 11 of the Ordinance on Merger Control. The Secretariat is available to answer any questions regarding the form or the preliminary review and the investigation of mergers.
Type: PDF
Merger Notification and Procedures Template
Last modification: 10.04.2013 | Size: 88 kb | Type: PDF

Form for the notification of restraints of competition
From 1 April 2004, the following form may be used to file notifications under Article 49 paragraph 3 (a) ACart or under the transitional provisions of the amendment of 20 June 2003 at the Secretariat of the Competition Commission.
The notification form is only available in German, French and Italian.

Leniency application form

The following document provides guidelines on how to file an application for leniency under Article 49a paragraph 2 ACart.

Type: PDF
Explanatory note and form of the leniency program (voluntary report)
Last modification: 20.02.2015 | Size: 224 kb | Type: PDF

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